A2P SMS Single Connection for Global Delivery

With A2P service, companies can easily send SMS messages, notifications, alerts, etc. to various mobile carriers worldwide.

The A2P solution provides customers with options for intelligent routing to least cost routes guaranteeing competitive prices that can then be passed along to the subscriber while maintaining a superior level of service quality.

As mobile subscribers move from carrier to carrier, mobile number portability (MNP) continues to be an issue along with accurate re-routing of messages. The A2P solution provides Mobile Number Resolution ensuring the routing of messages into MNP-enabled networks. Mobile subscribers can rest assured their messages will be successfully routed as recipients move from carrier to carrier.

The SMS A2P service also offers: Robust SMS interoperability, Carrier grade reliability with full redundancy, One-stop solution with a full suite of services, Flexible connection interface options: SMPP3.2/3.3/3.4, HTTP, CIMD2, Proprietary IP protocol

Marketing SMS and System Alerts

The vast potential of SMS marketing spans across industries due to the flexibility of SMS as a communication channel. SMS is the only mobile messaging channel that reaches both “smart” and “feature” phones.

The reason texting is so prominent in the most country cultures starts with its high open and time-to-open rates (an average of 98%). Second, SMS is the only mobile channel offering cross-carrier and cross-device connectivity. Third, it’s easy to use and ubiquitous from a tech know-how perspective.

SMS Marketing is strong and personal connection with your customers, some of the benefits of marketing SMS are increase traffic and brand awareness, keep in touch and give value to loyal customers, engage your targets creating meaningful and dynamic communication.

Our Predictive Monitoring SMS™ platform is built to not only deliver your reports in real time, but a deeply Analytic Report of your campaigns in real time.


2Way SMS to develop conversations and build customer relationships

Two-way SMS opens the communication channels to let businesses engage in 2-way conversations by receiving an inbound SMS message from a mobile handset, thus creating a powerful message tool. Inbound SMS provides the functionality to interact with your mobile audience, to stimulate consumer interest or collect consumer information through advertising or marketing campaigns.

It allows them to respond to campaigns, send follow-up messages, provide feedback, participate in competitions as well as build new and existing relationships.

To run a 2-way messaging service, SMS numbers are required to receive the inbound message. Our 2-way SMS service offers shortcodes and long numbers to receive real-time SMS responses immediately and efficiently. With our trusted reliable gateway and cost-effective reply paths, the SMS replies can be forwarded to email addresses, stored in the application inbox, or you’re API.

HubPush SMS Features

Random Large Code
With our RandomLarge Code you can send Bulk SMS with no restrictions or filters. Political and sex campaigns are Not allowed. The 2Way service works to receive the answer from a MT, when an end user answer a MT message, you’ll receive the message (MO). In this service, you cannot assign a fixed number to receive the campaign.

Assigned Large Number
This is a Fixed assigned Large Local number: with the same number to all campaigns, you can not only do Bulk SMS but 2Way MO as well

Short Code
The Short Code service is a guaranteed service by operators. This service has priority in the operators system.

A2P Unlimited service:
Bulk (MT): Does not accept advertising or political campaigns
2Way Shared Short Code: You can use any key word to your MO
2Way Dedicated Short Code: You can assign a Short Number to send and receive msgs (MT/MO)



A reliable system to increase your sms performance


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