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Predictive Monitoring SMS™ – We deal with businesses every day. We know the challenges you face and we understand your needs. That’s why we use a very special technology to guarantee the quality of your delivery messages. The Predictive Monitoring SMS Platform identify the issues and adjusts SMS delivery paths to offer optimal and most direct deliverability.


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Be Local Acting Global – We have offices in Brasil, Chile, Spain – London and Miami coming soon- led by a local team of amazing professionals with more than 20 years experience in the Latin American telecommunication market. Therefore we are working with indirect terminations at the BRIC market and have direct routes with domestic operators in those countries. We provide coverage to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries worldwide using no more than one partner between our SMSC and the operator.


Real Connections

Customer Support –  We are only happy if you are happy. Our relationship with you and our care to your business are genuine. Our channels are open to hear you via SMS, chat, skype, email and telephone, say Hi!!


A reliable system to increase your sms performance


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